Rants Against Religion #3

Don’t u think any all-knowing god would think through his plan with even the most simplest of logic. For example, Yahweh supposedly “flooded the earth”, but if he really did, then he forgot to consider oxygen levels (and dropped temperature levels) at mountaintop heights. And in addition to tht, if the flood covered all the land, then tht means all of the trees (needed for cellular respiration in both plants and animals/humans) would’ve been wiped out, making breathing & life for Noah, his family, and all the animals on the ark impossible. But even if the vegetation on the land somehow survived, there would’ve been too little food for the herbivores, making them easy picking for carnivores, leading to the extinction of many many animal species. If the Jewish/Christian/Muslim god is real, then he’s a huugeee retard!! - PsuedoAtheist. More Rants to come soon. Logic bless you all!! :)

Rants against Religion #2

Why would ANY “good and moral” god advocate stoning children if they stray away from the faith, stoning ur neighbor if he works on a Sunday, and stoning homosexuals to death???!! Then make one of his commandments “Thou shalt not kill”?!?! Tht god deserves neither praise nor love or worship. And religious people (like Christians) call him GOOD?!?! Not to mention tht this guy requires either u submit to him and his will, or u will burn forever in hell wen u die!!>:( Sounds like a terrorist threat to me. Also, why would he let Adam and Eve be tempted and sin wen he knew in advance tht they were going to sin and have a redemption plan in mind before everything was created (including sin and the concept of sin) - creating sin so tht he could destroy the sin he made in the first place by coming to earth as a man (supposedly) so tht he could die and “commit suicide” unto himself. It wasn’t a “perfect sacrifice” since he knew he would come back to life in the beginning. The bible ( and the other major holy books) r filled with logical fallicies, contradictions, and just straight-up bullshit.
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Rants against Religion #1

Why does Jesus (not directly) clam to be God the father, and is called God the son? If Jesus is god the father, god the son, and god the spirit-if Jesus and “God the Father” r one and the same, does tht mean tht Jews (who believe in the same god but just called Yahweh) believe in Jesus (not necessarily in his so-called “sacrifice”, but tht he exists)? And if Muslims believe in “Allah” (Allah is just Arabic for “God”), does tht mean tht they believe in Jesus/Yahwah (and if so, then why the goddamn hell do they fight, kill each other, and argue tht their god is the one true god, if they all believe in the same fucking mythological god????) Pls feel free to post a response or leave a comment on this. And I will try to post more Rants against Religion segments whenever I can. - PseudoAtheist